Lean stock management solution iMTorus makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 better in distribution, retail and manufacturing. iMTorus have all necessary functionality in field of stock management and our knowledge about your industries inside and out. The software solutions are:

  • Native to Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • Built in, not bolted on;
  • One Version of the Truth;
  • One global enterprise system across the organization;
  • Single IT staff support;
  • Open Source – you get the code;

Main task of iMTorus is to ensure better financial results and competitive advantage to the companies.

Results to be expected:

  • Lower stock levels (financial resources become available);
  • Increased ROI (Return On Investment);
  • Lost sales reduced to minimum;
  • Internal company returns (from stores to main warehouse) are decreased;
  • Competitive advantage – the requested quantity of the product will be always available;
  • Reduced time for order administration;
  • One person can effectively manage from a few to several thousand SKU;
  • Increased effectiveness of stock management process and control;

Companies using iMTorus have achieved the following results (all measurements were performed after 3 months of real work with the solution):

  • Decrease stock level more than 30%;
  • Decrease lost sales more than 50%;
  • Decrease non-tradable goods more than 40%;
  • Increase stock turnover up to 3 times;
  • Reduced number of stock transfers between regional departments – to 0;
  • Order execution time reduced by 60% compared to the common industry standard.
  • Return on investment in iMTorus (ROI) up to 6 months;

After the implementation your company employees could independently improve inventory management processes, so the results presented above are only interim of what the company can achieve.

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