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“Stumbras” is one of the biggest and most popular producers of strong alcoholic drinks in Lithuania. The distillery whose history, culture and traditions started in the end of the 19th century has been an indisputable market leader for many years.

Through a century-long history we have grown really big, powerful, professional and wise. We are especially proud of the appreciation gained in our homeland Lithuania which is the real flattery for our company. Yet, „Stumbras“ overstepped state borders many years ago and thus is known in many neighbouring or far, foreign countries – the company exports its production to five continents out of seven.


“The project was completed in the shortest possible time and within 3 months of use of the solution; we can already talk about the results:

  • iMTorus solution allowed to refuse sales forecasting, which affected the production cycles;
  • A peak in production was leveled;
  • Quick reaction to customer needs;
  • After the implementation of iMTorus, production planning takes up to 30 minutes;”

Aurelijus Švedas, Financial Analyst, “Stumbras”